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Sacred Space was born out of my passion to make yoga and wellbeing accessible to everyone. As a busy mum to two beautiful girls I know first-hand how challenging it can be to make space within the day which is just for you. And yet, through my own dedicated practice of self-discovery, I have learnt just how powerful taking that time can be. This is a space where you can come exactly as you are and connect with others on this same journey of life.

Rediscover the beauty which exists within.

This is your Sacred Space.

My hope is that this website serves as a source of inspiration on your own healing journey and I look forward to connecting.

Meghann x

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"Meghann is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. Her classes are welcoming and a safe space for people of all abilities. Her classes are truly holistic, focusing on both the emotional and physical benefits of practice by always incorporating meditation along with the physical postures. I always leave her classes feeling more in tune with my body’s mental, emotional and physical needs"


"Since I began taking Meghann's classes, I’ve not only found I’m coping better with anxiety & stress, I also feel physically stronger, more supple, & the many aches & pains I’d been suffering from have disappeared. I love everything about Meghann and her classes; her calm tone, the ambient music, her consideration for the individual needs of those taking part & her extensive knowledge of yogic practice & the body"


"Meghann’s classes are everything a yoga class should be; the union of mind, body & spirit through a meditative & spiritual physical practice. Her classes offer you a practice that encourages you to nurture your body & love it like you would a dear friend. It is a truly holistic experience. You can tell Meghann lives and breathes yoga and her passion really comes through in her teaching"

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