“I love yoga and Meghann! I have been practicing yoga with Meghann for just over a year now….her classes are amazing, she always seems to provide me with just what I need…..she always makes me feel better. I have learnt so much about yoga – and myself during this time, she has helped me to grow as a person and it has become an important part of my life. Her beauty, warmth, compassion, her calming voice, she embodies everything that is yoga inside and out. So thank you Meghann, Namaste” – Jenny

“When I began taking Meghann’s Serenity Flow class for the first time last year, it was after many attempts to settle into a regular practice and find confidence in my body to be active. I immediately felt welcomed and her lessons quickly became a weekly treat; a joyful, tranquil escape for my mind and body. Since then, I’ve not only found I’m coping better with anxiety and stress, I also feel physically stronger, more supple, and the many aches and pains I’d been suffering from, due to being a 50 year old, unfit mum, have disappeared. I love everything about Meghann and her classes – her calm tone, the ambient music, the pace of the poses, her consideration for the individual needs of those taking part and her extensive knowledge of yogic practice and the body” – Michele

“Meghann’s teaching style is great for all levels, she lets you to set your own pace and her calm and peaceful nature allows for complete relaxation. I have found that working at a desk causes me increased pain in my back and neck and since doing Meghan’s classes, I’ve definitely felt an improvement” – Jess

“I absolutely love Meghann’s classes. She is the smiliest, friendliest person you could wish to meet and she always makes you feel completely at ease in the class.  The classes are really gentle and calming, yet challenging at the same time and I feel amazing afterwards!  I used to go once a week in person but since that stopped due to Covid19 I have started doing her classes on You Tube and they work brilliantly for me” – Caroline

“Meghann’s classes are amazing and make such a difference to my week, mentally and physically. Her flows are super restorative and she’s got the most soothing voice… a real gem!” – Camille

“Meghann is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. Her classes are welcoming and a safe space for people of all abilities. Her classes are truly holistic, focusing on both the emotional and physical benefits of practice by always incorporating meditation along with the physical postures. I always leave her classes feeling more in tune with my body’s mental, emotional and physical needs” – Niamh

“I was always a bit skeptical of yoga, more of a Pilates girl but Meghan is the most wonderful teacher and really got me into it, to understand it. I’ve done other yoga classes with other teachers and no one compares, she tailors sessions to the clientele and gives a personal touch to each class.  Her head massages are the best too! Can’t wait to get those again once lockdown is over!!” – Claire R

“Meghann’s yoga class is everything that a yoga class should be; the union of mind, body and spirit through a meditative and spiritual physical practice. But this class offers you a meditative and spiritual practice that encourages you to nurture your body and love it like you would a dear friend. It is truly holistic. Meghann is the kind of teacher who truly epitomises what it is to be self-compassionate and compassionate towards others. She emits so much warmth that it’s hard not to feel at ease in her class. You can tell Meghann lives and breathes yoga and her passion really comes through in her teaching. Every class is filled with beautiful music and even more beautiful narrative, guiding you deep into total surrender. If you’re looking for something to complement or further your spiritual practice I would strongly recommend this” – Lauren

“I have been struggling sleeping recently often lying in bed for a good couple of hours with a racing mind before finally falling asleep. Three times this week I have listened to Meghann’s YouTube meditation recordings at bedtime and each time my mind was racing far less and I fell to sleep much quicker. Meghann’s loving kindness meditation is truly beautiful and listening to this was such an amazing and fulfilling experience which is hard to put into words. Thank you” – Clare S